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This page is here to help people get affordable prices on buying a piano, rebuilding, repairing, and tuning pianos. 
We are a family-owned business,
call 210-626-3146 for an appointment.

Certified QRS Piano Installation

About Our

Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated piano sales, refurbishing and tuning company. This business started out with my father. As he started by tuning pianos it quickly grew. And as my interest for music grew I began to learn how to tune pianos. Before long I was also refurbishing them. Rockafellow Piano has been around for 25+ years and we are well known around the area. We are dedicated to making our customers happy and leaving them with a high quality product wether it be buying a piano from us, tuning your piano, or rebuilding/refinishing.

Piano Keys

Pianos For Sale

You buy a car for ten years. You buy a piano for a lifetime.
What piano do you want to buy for a lifetime?




Upright Pianos For Sale


Rockafellow Piano is a Certified Technician for QRS Player Pianos. We can turn any piano into a player piano. You can run it off your cell phone or tablet with 11,000 songs.

Contact us and we'll help you choose the product best suited to your needs. If you already know what you’re looking for, call us or email us at   (210) 626-3146


Other Services

Along with piano sales, we provide a wide range of other piano services.

Piano Tuning
Piano Tuning Service

Every musician knows that playing an instrument is pretty much like driving a car. You need to maintain and take care of it and that is what we are here for. Pianos should be tuned, on average, once a year. Give us a call at (210) 626-3146 to set up an appointment to tune your piano so you can continue playing.

Piano Repairs
Piano Repair Service

Here at Rockafellow Piano we also do piano repairs. Call us today at (210) 626-3146 to schedule your Piano Repair and we will be happy to get the job done in no time and for a fair price.

Piano Restoration
Piano Restoration Service

We also specialize in complete rebuilding of pianos. Many pianos can be restored for half the price of a new piano. A proper restoration of an antique piano can increase the value of an antique piano. We have restored many sentimental pianos for people for over 25 years. Call us at (210) 626-3146 to learn more about our price ranges for repair work, including our Piano Restoration service.

Contact us to learn more about the services and products we supply and see what Rockafellow Piano can do for you.

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San Antonio, TX, USA

(210) 626-3146

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